Do You Still Use CDs?

Jun 21, 2008

How do you purchase your music? Does anyone still buy CDs, or has everyone moved to digital music? And where do you purchase your music from?

Call me old school, but I still purchase CDs through my favorite retailer (I gave up buying music from brick and mortar stores long ago). Seeing as my musical tastes are outside of the mainstream, it's not surprising that many of the albums on my radar are difficult to find. For example, I recently picked up a few albums from 1970's progressive rock band Camel, and both were imports (and therefore more expensive than the domestic albums might be). But the imports were the only thing available. One other album I'm seeking is currently marked as shipping in '4 to 6 weeks' which, in Amazon speak, means that it's unlikely to ever be available again. This isn't an isolated case; I'm finding that it's increasingly difficult to find certain albums on CD.

As a result, I'm wondering whether it's worth buying CDs anymore. I primarily listen to CDs on my way to and from work, though I listen to my iPod exclusively at work and on the occasional trip somewhere. When I'm at home, I listen to my music through either iTunes or WinAmp. Having a CD gives me something tangible as well as a backup (in case the digital rip gets destroyed or corrupted). But CDs have their own problems. The jewel cases are bulky (they way a ton en mass), and they're always a bother to open up after purchasing them (what's with all those stickers and cellophane wrap?).

The Amazon MP3 Store seems very appealing, in that all the offered music is DRM free. But, not surprisingly, not every album is available. So what do you do?

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