Interesting Office Finale

May 17, 2008

The season finale for The Office was aired last night, and it really threw me for a loop. A lot of what I expected to happen didn't, and some surprising twists and turns occurred throughout the entire episode. Some of my predictions are coming to fruition, though others may be increasingly off the mark. Like before, there are spoilers ahead so be forewarned.

Jim and Pam
I'm surprised that the Jim-Pam storyline took a turn at the end, with Jim failing to propose to Pam (as I expected would happen). Hopefully we'll see the couple take this step at the beginning of next season. I'm not sure I can take the tension any longer!
Jim taking career risks
Jim's two voice-mails to Ryan don't bode well for the future of his career. If Ryan is able to dodge his current criminal problems, Jim could be in trouble.
Ryan gets his comeuppance
This prediction came true, though not in the way I expected. It seemed to me that Ryan's drug problem would catch up to him, but it turns out that his business fraud was what got him into trouble with the law.
Michael grows up
For the first three-quarters of this episode, Michael was maturing at an incredible pace. His behavior around Holly, the new HR rep, was remarkable. Unfortunately, he relapses after finding out Jan is pregnant. I truly hope he ditches Jan and doesn't fall back into his old ways.
Angela, Andy, and Dwight
I certainly didn't see the Angela-Andy proposal coming. And what's up with Angela and Dwight at the very end of the episode? Who knew that they have apparently been seeing one another? This storyline should be very interesting to follow.
Holly and Kevin
I absolutely loved the running joke where Holly thought that Kevin was slow-minded. The entire gag was genuinely funny, and Brian Baumgartner did an amazing job as Kevin (this is his best performance so far in this show).

What did you think of the finale? Are you as excited about next year's season as I am?



9:16 PM on May 17, 2008
What I loved about the "slow" Kevin bit was that Kevin didn't act any differently than he would have in most other episodes. And he misinterpreted her compassion for physical attraction, which was even funnier. I totally expected Michael to ruin the proposal somehow, didn't see the Andy thing coming. My take on Dwight and Angela was that they only just got back together (if you can even call it that) that night. You do know that Dwight and Angela dated for like two years though, right? Or did you only just recently start watching the show?


12:46 AM on May 18, 2008
I started watching the show mid-way through season 2 (and I now own seasons 1 through 3 on DVD), so I know all about Dwight and Angela. They've been really cold towards one another recently, but I'm wondering if things picked up in the previous episode. If you recall, everyone in the office left early (since Michael was out), except for the two of them. And when Dwight sneezed, Angela said "bless you," something she wouldn't have done if she were still angry at Dwight. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it seems to me that things may have been heating up between them before this final episode. I guess we'll find out next season!


11:43 PM on Jun 4, 2008
Great episode. I agree with the things you bring up. It was sad to see Micheal miss his opportunity with Holly at the end of the episode. I hate seeing him fall for Jan again, he still has hope in that relationship. Grrrrr... From Pam's last camera interview, she seemed disappointed in Jim, since she expected the proposal before she heads to NY for school. I would not be surprised if this caused some issues in next season's premiere. For example, Pam possibly questions Jim's feelings and maybe finds someone with similar art interests while in school, and that causes problems with their relationship. Just guessing, but I enjoy seeing the struggling relationships. It is what this show is about. I loved the mix of emotions in the show. This really felt like a good ol' episode that I came to love in the first few seasons. The uneasy feeling you get when you know things are not going as you think they should. You win some (Ryan's arrest), you lose some (Micheal having hope for Jan again).


11:46 PM on Jun 4, 2008
Oh yeah, and I think that at the end of the episode, this was the first time that Dwight and Angela got back together since they broke up. I think the realization of Angela getting engaged shocked both of them back to reality. Also, I couldn't stop noticing that the actress that plays Angela was pregnant (in real life). They kept putting her behind stuff, and she was always sitting behind tall tables. I couldn't stop seeing her as being pregnant. I save the other topics for the podcast.

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