SSL URI Identification in Firefox 3

Apr 28, 2008

The last few Firefox 3 nightly builds have changed the way SSL URI's are displayed to the user. In Firefox 2, accessing a secure site results in a yellow background for the address bar (which I think is a particularly elegant solution). For reasons I don't fully understand, Mozilla is getting rid of this implementation. In new Firefox 3 builds, the background of the 'favicon' will change depending on the security of the site. A blue background indicates an SSL secured site, while a green background indicates an EV SSL secured site. Moving the color to the favicon, in my opinion, makes things a little harder to understand. A heated debate about this inevitably appeared in the corresponding bug, and there will likely be more confusion over this in the future, as more public users begin to explore the Firefox 3 world. I fully expect an extension to 'fix' this feature, so all may not be lost. This is a very strange decision on Mozilla's part, and it should be interesting to see what the end result is.


Dylan Kelcher

11:41 PM on May 16, 2008
Annoyed me too. I whipped this up. Throw it in your [profileDir]\chrome\userChrome.css file ... Should end up looking like this (before and after): #identity-box > hbox { background: ButtonFace url(chrome://browser/skin/tabbrowser/tab-active-bkgnd.png) repeat-x !important; color: -moz-dialogtext !important; } #identity-box.verifiedIdentity > hbox { background-color: #7c8 !important; color: #000 !important; } #urlbar[level="high"] > .autocomplete-textbox-container, #urlbar[level="low"] > .autocomplete-textbox-container { background-color: #F5F6BE !important; color: #000000; }

Eddy Nigg

7:49 PM on May 22, 2008
I took up the fight to have that changed. Please read


6:40 PM on Jun 19, 2008
Funny... I thought that this was something that was controlled by the website... The secure site I went to had a clean blue favicon that matched well with the BLUE secure bkg.. I found this page by trying to find out how to set the favicon bkg color ramp for my own webpage... lol Now that i know it means it is a secure site... it all makes sense.

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