Acid3 Has Been Released

Mar 6, 2008

The Acid3 test for web browsers has been released. Drunken Fist has a number of screenshots that show the failure rate among the various top browsers. There are some really interesting results from the tests:

  • Safari 3: 39% success (latest nightlies are up to 87%)
  • Firefox 3: 59% success
  • Firefox 2: 50% success
  • Opera 9: 46% success
  • IE 7: 12% success
  • IE 6: 11% success

Safari is the surprising top dog in the list, but what I find most interesting is that Firefox 3 (which passes the Acid2 test) only hits 59% in the new test. I would have guessed that being Acid2 compliant would mean being nearly Acid3 compliant. Apparently, that isn't the case. It looks like web browsers still have a long way to go in the standards race.

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1:28 PM on Mar 6, 2008
I think Opera 9 and Safari 3 both pass Acid2 too. For some reason I get 51% on FF2 + Win XP. I have a lot of extensions installed, but I'd be surprised if any of them made the browser perform better. I wonder how well IE8 will fare? Supposedly they're implementing DOM and JS correctly in IE8, which should at least put them closer to where the other browsers are now..

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