RoadRunner Redirects Domain Typos

Feb 27, 2008

Slashdot is running a story on RoadRunner intercepting domain typos. My dad noticed this 'feature' a few weeks ago, and opted out via their preferences page. In addition to the Slashdot story, Ryan Govostes has an interesting article (written back in December) on the security holes lurking in this opt-out program. According to his post, one could wreak all kinds of havoc with TWC's poorly written page, enabling or disabling the service for essentially all RoadRunner customers. SQL injections also appear to be a possible line of exploits.



2:52 PM on Feb 27, 2008
They intercept the typos with road runner lite as well. I checked mine last night. Those sneaky lil' ...


10:13 PM on Feb 27, 2008
Another annoying side-effect of this "feature" is that now the typo URL shows up in your browser history, so the next time you start typing the URL you might get the typo instead of the real one. (Yes, I know how to delete the bad URL from history.)

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