Time-Warner Gets Grabby

Feb 5, 2008

Slashdot is running a story on how Time-Warner is considering moving to a per-gigabyte service fee. According to them, 5 percent of their customers use over 50 percent of the network. So, because of these few "bad apples," they'll make everyone pay more. Steven Levy of the Washington Post has an interesting theory that Time-Warner is trying to hobble movie rentals via iTunes (trying to keep their pay-per-view stuff alive in the process).

I hope above anything else that this 'idea' of theirs never sees the light of day. Capping folks at 5-gigabytes (which is their current idea ... can you believe that?) is incredibly poor judgment. This kind of thing will single-handedly destroy the online viewing capabilities of Netflix, it will ruin online gaming, and it will make MSDN subscriptions irrelevant.

And that might just be Time-Warner's ultimate goal. Let's hope they fail in every way possible.



7:46 PM on Feb 5, 2008
Capped at 5 GB per what? Day? Week? Certainly not month?? Hopefully it's day, since you could download 5GB of data in a few hours... I can't find anywhere in the SlashDot story or any of the links within the story indicating what timeframe the 5GB limit is associated with.


10:49 PM on Feb 5, 2008
According to an article at Ars Technica, it sounds like this is a monthly cap. From the article:
Under the proposed scheme, new customers will be able to choose from a couple of different plans with varying bandwidth caps. They'll be given online tools to monitor usage and will be able to upgrade to the next higher tier of service to avoid charges for exceeding their monthly bandwidth limit.

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