Death Blow to HD-DVD

Jan 8, 2008

Warner Brothers studios has officially defected to the Blu-ray format, and now Paramount seems poised to do the same. This is all but the end for the HD-DVD format, which is a real shame. Granted, there's no real difference between the two formats (none that are apparent to the common consumer, anyway). Blu-ray discs may end up being more expensive, due to the fact that they cost a little more to manufacture. They also continue the stupid "region coding," where certain discs will only play in the players purchased in a specific geographic location.

If for no other reason, I wanted HD-DVD to win the "format war" because Blu-ray is backed by Sony. Any day that Sony fails is a good day in my opinion, and it's a shame that the movie studios decided to take the low-road. Time will tell how well this format takes off.



4:31 PM on Jan 8, 2008
I really didn't care which one won, I just wanted one of them to be the clear victor. I think Blu-ray has some slight technical advantages (namely, it can hold something like 50 GB, compared to something like 30 GB for HD-DVD). But I think that's also why Blu-Ray discs cost a little more.


4:40 PM on Jan 8, 2008
In the end, I don't really care either. I haven't, nor will I anytime soon, purchase either media type, simply because I don't have a need for them. Maybe one day in the future that will change.

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