CES Highlights

Jan 7, 2008

I've only been casually following the events at this year's CES, but a few things I've seen have been pretty impressive:



6:21 PM on Jan 7, 2008
I sent the link to the curved monitor to my boss, said it would increase my productivity by 400%. I don't think he'll agree. The Gates video was hilarious, especially the Jon Stewart bit. I just hope Gates didn't use union writers to write that skit or he may get sued by the WGA. :)


12:19 AM on Jan 8, 2008
I have no doubts that the curved monitor would increase productivity. That's why I'd like 2. In the Gates video, I really loved the part at the beginning where he leaves his briefcase on the top of the car, then drives all the way to work with it on there. That was so hilarious!

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