Cyber Monday is a Sham

Nov 26, 2007

I really hate how news outfits continually refer to Cyber Monday as 'the busiest online shopping day of the year.' If you take a look at the Wikipedia article, you'll see that the term "Cyber Monday" is actually a neologism, undoubtedly created to generate public interest (and therefore, boosted sales figures). A number of online retailers point out that early December is actually a busier time than today supposedly is.

That being said, I love shopping online, and I try to do most of my holiday shopping through online outfits (though some things just have to be bought locally). How about you? Do you do your holiday shopping online, or do you head to the brick and mortar stores?

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7:38 PM on Nov 26, 2007
Grocery stores like Harris Teeter and Food Lion now sell gift cards to most retail stores and popular chain restaurants. They are now one-stop Christmas shops. I vote for "brick and mortar" stores, even thought they are mostly sheet rock and stucco nowadays.

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