Wednesday Briefs

Aug 8, 2007

Several short thoughts for today:

The Java Popup you Can't Stop
A story over at Slashdot discusses a newly discovered means of bypassing popup blockers using Java. There are two proofs of concept available: an applet based version and a JavaScript version. The applet concept works in any browser, while the JavaScript concept works only in Opera and Gecko-based browsers. I couldn't get the JavaScript version to work for me, but the applet concept works surprisingly well. Pretty scary!
Bridge Collapse Alters Amazon Rankings
I noticed just the other night that the list of bestselling automotive items at yields some surprising results: 4 out of the top 5 selling items are "life hammers" designed to help you break out of your car as you sink into the water. The bridge collapse in Minneapolis is no doubt the cause of this interesting shift in the top selling list.
Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy
This is so great. Payback's a bitch! Thanks dad!
Barry Bonds is a Big, Dumb, Moron
Title says it all.

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4:11 PM on Aug 8, 2007
I love the chew toy. Simply awesome.

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