Breaking WEP in Under a Minute

Apr 4, 2007

An article posted yesterday at Slashdot mentioned a new way to break 104-bit (aka 128-bit) WEP keys in less than 1 minute. What's more, this new method requires capturing less than 10% of the packets required by the previous best method. This kind of discovery should hopefully help people move to more secure schemes, like WPA.

My family and I still use WEP around our house, but we're thinking about changing to WPA instead. One benefit of where we live is that our neighbors houses are fairly far away from ours. So, if anyone is using our access point, they are likely to be sitting out in our front yard, something we are likely to notice pretty quickly.

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4:31 PM on Apr 4, 2007
Interesting.. I'm still using WEP because the DS doesn't support WPA, although I haven't been online with my DS in a very long time. This may have just persuaded me to switch to WPA..

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