Introducing Dollar Coins (Yet Again)

Feb 16, 2007

The US Mint has once again released a dollar coin, although to seemingly mixed reviews. Will the dollar coins catch on? Though I don't care one way or the other, I'm inclined to say "No, they will not." Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea failed before, and these are likely to fail again (though exactly why is debatable). I always find it interesting, however, when people from the vending machine industry are interviewed on this topic. They always give this kind of response:

Reporter: So, what do you think of these new dollar coins? Vending Machine Guy: Eh, they'll never catch on. Reporter: Why do you think that is? Vending Machine Guy: Well, people never use them in these here machines, so we don't flip the switch inside to let them accept the dollar coins.

This kind of discussion appears every time dollar coins are launched (in fact, it appears in the story I linked to above). Do you see the idiocy of the vending machine guy's statement? They won't enable the mechanism to allow vending machines to accept dollar coins because people don't use the dollar coins. Maybe people don't use the coins because your stupid machines don't accept them! Are these people idiots or what?



12:51 AM on Feb 16, 2007
FYI: If you buy stamps from the vending machine at the post office, you get dollar coins as change. Which is really annoying because the machine takes twenties, for a $3.90 book of stamps, so you end up with 17 Sacagaweas and a dime. I think people feel weird using them to buy stuff. At least, I did when I had seventeen to get rid of.. I would ask the guy at the quickstop or wherever "okay if I use dollar coins?" before spending them. I don't know why, I mean it's legal tender, but I feel like it is an inconvenience to the store somehow. Maybe that's just me. If they are really serious about this they need to just stop making paper 1's. They only last an average of two years or something, so the transition could happen relatively quick. A lot of people would get really mad for a while, but after five years you probably wouldn't hear much complaining anymore. Also the article you linked to linked to this article, which has pictures of blind-accessible bills. I'm not sure if those are something CNN made or what the next wave of money will actually look like, but it's about time to make money at least more accessible than :)


12:53 AM on Feb 16, 2007
Correction: 20 - 3.90 = 16 Sacagawea's and a dime.

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