Born Geek Redesign

Jan 2, 2007

Welcome to the newly redesigned Born Geek website! We have shed our old clothes as well as our old habits. No longer are the pages at this site crafted by hand; we now use Movable Type instead. For those interested in how I was able to get Movable Type to run everything, a detailed article is available.

There are a number of new features to introduce:

Site Search
You'll note a new website search box at the top of each page. Want to quickly locate something here at Born Geek? Just enter your search terms and let us do the rest.
Breadcrumb Trail
A breadcrumb trail is now available on every web page (just below the navigation bar), making it much clearer where you are in the site hierarchy. Moving up the site tree is now just a click away.
Comment on News Postings
Make yourself heard on Born Geek news postings by submitting your comments. Do you have feedback for me concerning a particular news item? Just let me know about it by posting to the appropriate entry. Moderation is turned off for now; depending on how nicely everyone plays, I may or may not have to turn it on.
RSS Feed
An RSS feed is now available for news stories. Subscribe to it and stay up to date with everything that goes on here at Born Geek.

Since this is my first foray into the world of Movable Type, I do not doubt that there may be a bug or two still lurking around. The print style sheet is not yet ready, and Internet Explorer users may run into the odd CSS anomaly. The overall style sheet will definitely be tweaked over the next several days, so some settling may occur. As always, please alert me to any problems that you may encounter.

Note also that some content has been permanently removed. The Firefox 1.0 toolbar tutorial has finally been replaced with the tutorial for Firefox 1.5 and later. All of the old news archives have also been removed. Other goodies (such as my wish list) have not yet been posted; these will appear in the near future.

Several new software releases are on the horizon here at Born Geek, so stay tuned. Happy New Year!

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1:04 PM on Jan 6, 2007
hey i love your site... the new design is very nice! greets

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