Baby Steps: Part II

Jul 27, 2006

I couldn't resist making one more post about my new camera. Tonight I took a few shots that turned out way better than last night's horrible results. The images are all 1024 x 768 again, with the exception of image 12 (it's 1600 x 1200). Enjoy!

  • Photo 06: A nice colorful image of part of our driveway (one side of the loop).
  • Photo 07: Another nice colorful image of the summer flag in front of our house (the flags change with the seasons and various holidays).
  • Photo 08: One of the new rims I got for my car. These look way better than the factory wheels.
  • Photo 09: An awesome macro shot I took of a tiny birdhouse in one of our potted plants.
  • Photo 10: Hummingbird picture 1 (kindly posing for the camera).
  • Photo 11: Hummingbird picture 2 (warily looking for that pesky male).
  • Photo 12: Hummingbird picture 3 (in flight and a little blurry as a result ... if I knew what I was doing I would have used a faster shutter speed).

I'm going to look into Flickr as a possible resting spot for these (and future) photos.

2:46 AM on Jul 28, 2006
Try doing some tilt-shift effects on already taken photos .) This effect was a rage few months ago.
8:08 AM on Jul 28, 2006
Not sure if you've ever used Picasa, but it's a pretty convenient (and free) photo organizing software made by Google. The big selling point to me is that when you do modifications to the photos (rotate, crop, brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, sepia, greyscale, etc), those modifications are just stored as metadata. In other words, the original image file is never modified, so you can come back a month later and undo whatever you did. You can also apply effects to one image, copy them, then apply them to many other images (maybe the camera made all your pictures too blue? paste a warmth effect on all of them). Then you can do an export that will save the images to another folder with the effects applied (again, the original is not affected). Anyway I just thought I'd recommend it. It has made my life easier since I got my digital camera--pretty much all the photos on my site were exported from Picasa.
9:06 AM on Jul 28, 2006
Picasa also has a new, Flickr-like hosted albums feature. I do find Picasa to be a really wonderful tool - give it a try if you can (PC or Linux).
9:35 AM on Jul 28, 2006
I'll take a look at Picasa. I dislike the fact that I now need a Yahoo ID to sign up for Flickr. I'm still trying to decide how best to present my photos. Maybe I'll go nuts and roll my own photo gallery package. That might be some fun. This comment is full of short, disjointed sentences. I am a robot.
1:08 PM on Jul 29, 2006
One thing I've learned about digital pictures: take lots of them. It's not like you're wasting film or anything. And if you're like me, half of them won't turn out very good anyway. So you can go back later and look at your three pictures of the same thing and decide which one to keep.
9:56 PM on Jul 29, 2006
That's exactly what I did with the macro shot I took. Out of three pictures, it was the best. As far as I see it, learning how to use the camera is step one (and I'm making progress there). Then I can try to improve my skills in actually setting up the shot. I've always thought it would be cool to take a class on digital photography (or photography in general), but it's something I've never done.
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