Baby Steps

Jul 26, 2006

I received my Canon A620 today in the mail, and I've been playing with it since I got home from work. I still know absolutely nothing about this thing or how it all works, but I've taken my first five photographs, which I will now share with you. The images are 1024 x 768, so be warned about the larger than normal download size. And keep in mind that the originals are all 3072 x 2304 (the detail in these shots is great at high-res).

  • Photo #01: A lousy shot of a portion of my living room.
  • Photo #02: Another lame shot of our hummingbird feeder, sans any hummingbirds. Hey, I tried.
  • Photo #03: Can you spot the hummingbird in this next lousy photo? I'll give you a hint in just a moment.
  • Photo #04: The fourth pitiful shot of some giant insect that was flying around our back door.
  • Photo #05: A decent picture of part of our backyard.

Did you find the humming-bird in photo 3 above? If not, here's a major hint. And here's a closeup of the bird. Those stupid birds are so hard to photograph! I guess a newbie like me can dream. I'll have some more shots up here before too long. I've got to figure out how best to organize my photos here at this blog, but I'm looking forward to some photographic goodness in the near future.

6:56 AM on Jul 27, 2006
VHS tapes in the living room? That is so 1997. :)
8:36 AM on Jul 27, 2006
Actually, none of those things that are visible are VHS; they're all DVD. Some of the larger ones (which look like VHS tapes) are 4 or 5 DVD collections. The two big ones on the top-right of the TV are Hetty Wainthropp seasons 3 and 4. To the left of that, on top, is Rocky and Bullwinkle season 2. And on the coffee table are a Sherlock Holmes collection and a Cadfael collection. We do have a rather sizable collection of VHS tapes, however. But doesn't everybody? ;-)
8:42 AM on Jul 27, 2006
I don't think I would have ever found that bird. Thanks for the hint. Actually, I'm still not sure if I see it. :) Hope we can go shooting sometime soon.
12:27 PM on Jul 27, 2006
My bad. That top one on the coffee table does really look like a VHS though. :)
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