Firefox 1.5 Toolbar Tutorial

Feb 25, 2006

The first two sections of my brand new toolbar tutorial have been posted. This new version covers extension development in Firefox 1.5, so be sure to check it out if you want to get into extension development.

9:53 AM on Feb 26, 2006
am waiting for next sections already!
9:29 AM on Feb 27, 2006
I hope to have the next two sections completed sometime this week (although I must be honest and say that I haven't started work on them yet). The content won't be drastically different than what the older tutorial has, but I do plan on cleaning things up. I'm glad you enjoy it! :D
8:43 AM on Feb 28, 2006
i don't think you should write idiot-proof tutorial, since everyone got a grip on creating extentions from your first tutorial. that's my $0.02 p.s. i think it would make work flow faster.
7:54 PM on Mar 1, 2006
I do expect to slim down the tutorial somewhat (hopefully), but keep in mind that this 1.5 tutorial will be replacing the current tutorial. As such, the majority of the content will remain intact. I am planning on writing an "advanced" toolbar tutorial, covering some higher level topics: using a single image sheet (instead of multiple images), moving your toolbar around in the browser, autocompletion (possibly), and more.
Udi Vaks
1:53 AM on Mar 2, 2006
Thank you for this tutorial. can I use the first 2 sections of the 1.5 tutorial and then move to the other sections in the old tutorial? Love this web site.
3:43 AM on Mar 2, 2006
Udi Vaks - yes you can. i don't know if it's recomended, but my toolbar, made by the first two sections of new tutorial and other sections of older one with some help from mozilazine, is working properly. though much reading and practicing is still needed. Cheers!
9:04 AM on Mar 2, 2006
As enc noted, you can indeed make use of the other sections of the old tutorial. However, note that skin registration is one of the changes in Firefox 1.5 that I have not yet covered, so the information in the old tutorial is "out of date" in that regard. I may also move the "dynamic development" section somewhere closer to the front in this newer release of the tutorial ... it's a helpful addition to 1.5 that cannot be overlooked.
9:44 AM on Mar 2, 2006
*wish wish* - please, explain: what's the difference between styles and skins? .|
10:36 AM on Mar 2, 2006
A "skin" is simply a collection of style rules (implemented via CSS) and possibly some images to alter the look of an extension. The old skin registration mechanism involved creating a contents.rdf file down in the skin folder. In 1.5, the registration takes place in the chrome manifest. All of this will be explained in chapter 5 of the tutorial.
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