Eating Crow

Dec 1, 2006

In a recent interview, Scott Miller of 3D Realms stated his apparent dislikes over the Steam content delivery system (owned by rival company Valve). And within 24 hours, the 3D Realms game Prey was announced as going on sale over the Steam network. How's that for a hypocritical statement? Interestingly enough, the game is being sold for a whopping $49.95; a full $30 more than it's being offered for over at

It seems to me that Scott's main problem with Steam is that he simply isn't the one making money. Valve clearly had a good idea in Steam, and now they are the ones profiting off of it. Some of his points are valid (having a competitor know your revenue totals does seem a tad creepy), but I think he's mostly whining. 3D Realms hasn't had a truly successful release in quite some time, last I checked. Could that fact, coupled with Valve's success, be what's making Scott so fussy?

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