Loving The Office

Oct 29, 2006

Does anyone else besides me love The Office? A coworker of mine (thanks Dustin!) got me into the show, and I'm currently working through season 2 (so no spoilers, please). Season 1 was surprisingly short, and I wish it had been longer. The one thing that I enjoy most about the show is that all of the characters are incredibly believable. I mean, I feel like I could work with any of these people. None of them are overly beautiful, like most television shows where the actors are all Barbie and Ken cookie cutters. Steve Carell does an excellent job as the manager, and John Krasinski is great as Jim. Dwight is a riot, and Ryan the temp plays a good part as well.

Don't even get me started on Pam; words simply fail me.

Update: I've finished season 2. All I can say is wow.

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