You’re On the Air!

Oct 21, 2006

My dad and I wanted to donate some money to WNCU, a local jazz station that we both enjoy, so I called the number they gave out tonight to make a donation. Does an operator willing to take my money answer the phone? No. The host of the live talk radio show that was currently on the air picks up. I explained that I was calling about the fund drive, and he explained that this was a live radio talk show. I apologized, gave him my number (hopefully off the air), and hung up. He still hasn't called back, and he no doubt had a good laugh at my expense.

Oh the humanity!

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1:43 PM on Oct 21, 2006
Yeah, he did air it. He was like, "For a good time call...." I love how sometimes you can't find anyone who wants your money, even when you are giving it away.

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