A Little Behind

Jul 16, 2006

I've been battling several minor medical problems recently, which has slowed my blog posting efforts. With any luck I will get back to normality sometime soon. The Firefox profile tutorial I've been working on is nearly done, and a new release of Googlebar Lite is on the horizon. I've also had an idea for a new Windows application that I might write, should I find the energy and motivation to do so. Writing C++ all day for The Man sure makes it tough to do so in one's spare time.

In other miscellaneous news, I recently purchased some new rims for my car. They replaced the original factory wheels (the standard steel ones with hub-caps). Over time I had lost or broken several of the caps, so I eventually took them all off. As a result, it looked pretty bad. The new rims have improved things quite a bit. I'm looking at buying a Canon A620 digital camera in the very near future, so I'll try to get a shot or two of them. Lots of picture goodness is heading this way; I can't wait!



11:34 AM on Jul 17, 2006
If they don't spin independently of the wheels, they're not worth owning. :)


4:03 PM on Jul 17, 2006
Kinda like this? (Thanks to Dustin for the link!)


5:04 PM on Jul 17, 2006
Haha! That's awesome.

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