Code Names Are Bad

Apr 28, 2006

So, apparently, the Nintendo Revolution has been renamed to Nintendo Wii. Let the jokes commence.

This is the primary problem with using "code names" in the wild. When an official name comes along, replacing said code name, early adopters are thrown for a loop. It happened with the Firefox web browser not too long ago. Early builds of Firefox were known as Phoenix and later Firebird. I actually happen to prefer the Firebird name; it keeps some semblance of continuity with their Thunderbird product (plus, it just sounds cool). At first, the Firefox name seemed really stupid. But as time has passed, it has become ingrained in our culture, and has lost that silly feel to it.

Can Nintendo's new console do the same? I don't really think so. The name they've chosen is so incredibly stupid, that it will be an uphill battle to win back the respect they had earned. We'll see how they fare in the long run with this decision. I have a bad feeling that they won't do as well.

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1:56 PM on Apr 28, 2006
Once I figured out how to pronounce the name it started growing on me. I think in time we'll forget how much we initially rejected the new name. I guess part of the reason I'm not hating the new name so much is that I never liked "revolution" all that much.. it just sounds so aggressive rather than fun. Plus I'm still mad that they made the code name into the official name for the Nintendo DS.

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