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Mar 4, 2006

Chapter 3 of my toolbar tutorial for Firefox 1.5 has been posted. A brand new chapter not available in the previous tutorial should hopefully appear before the weekend is out (so stay tuned).

I've been working a little bit on Googlebar Lite 4.0 this weekend, and I'm quite pleased so far with how things are turning out. Autocompletion is working wonderfully (even inline completion), and the search history can now be completely disabled for those who don't want that feature. Brand new icons are planned for the new release, giving the toolbar a much needed facelift. I'm quite close to switching to the 4.0 alpha as my permanent install (I'm still using 3.3 at the moment), and that's a very good development sign. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can do a public beta test...



6:29 PM on Mar 5, 2006
how much does it differ from ff 1.0 tutorial?


1:42 AM on Mar 8, 2006
Here's a brief rundown of the major changes: + New chapter on dynamic development + Install manifest information has changed + Chrome manifest is new + Skinning chapter has been improved

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