It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Published on February 21, 2006

Today happens to be the 20th birthday of what may be the greatest game of all time: The Legend of Zelda. It appears that there are several special features taking a look back at this incredible game. I’ll never forget saving all of my money when I was a young kid, and going to the store (a Sears as I recall) to buy the game. The sales clerk was quite surprised when I dumped a mountain of change on the counter, along with a few paper bills. When I got home and opened the package, and saw that the cartridge was golden, well … I nearly went berserk. Words are not sufficient to describe my joy in playing that one game. I’ve never been the same since.

In other gaming news, it appears that Half-Life 2 will have a second expansion pack, amazingly entitled Episode 2. What do they think this is, Star Wars? I hope this isn’t a sign of bad things to come. It seems as if Episode 1 will only be 4 to 6 hours long, not nearly sufficient for my taste. I want a good 15 hours of gameplay … any less just feels cheap.



Ah Zelda… I missed out on the first game, my first Zelda experience was the less-than-well-received (and really hard!) Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link. But then with A Link To The Past I got a real Zelda experience. Although I have to say my favorite Zelda game is probably Wind Waker. Followed closely by Ocarina of Time. Followed closely by A Link To The Past. Followed closely by Majora’s Mask. Then in a distant last is Zelda II.

I can’t wait until Twilight Princess comes out this spring. I’ve made it a point to read absolutely nothing about the game, because I know I’m going to buy it.


Well I just read that Twilight Princess has been delayed until fall. That totally sucks. Of course it’s obvious to me what they’re doing. They are turning a long-delayed game on a forgotten system that probably wouldn’t sell that well (just because it is on the GameCube) into a launch title for the Revolution (since it’ll play GC games). Smart move for them in a business sense, because they know the loyal fans (i.e. me) who would have bought it anyway will still buy it in the fall. But I’m still not happy with it…..

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Revolution does. I think Nintendo is heading in the right direction (i.e. doing something different), especially since the xBox 360 seems to have been somewhat mediocre (as far as I know). All in all, I’ll stick to my PC. Any maybe my SNES…

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