Developing in Firefox 1.5

Feb 4, 2006

I am finally taking the time to update my toolbar extension tutorial for Firefox. The new version will feature all of the great new development improvements featured in Firefox 1.5 (development has gotten a whole lot easier). In updating the tutorial, I've already learned a few things that I didn't already know. For example, extensions no longer need to make use of GUID's; the format can be used instead. That change alone makes things so much easier to understand.

I have no idea when the updated tutorial will open up to you, the reader, but it will hopefully be sometime soon. I'm currently working on rewriting section 2 (Creating the Framework). It just so happens to be the section that requires the most revamping. As a result of the tutorial focusing on Firefox 1.5, I'll be throwing support for Firefox 1.0.x to the wind. My decision to do so is based on the new development features provided by 1.5. They alone outweigh the loss of 1.0.x support in my eyes; hopefully you agree on that point as well.


Jerry Odom

3:14 PM on Feb 7, 2006
Just commented under the wrong blog entry.(the revamp entry beneath this one) Thats about like me. I came back to let you know that I modified your plugin to work with so if you haven't gotten to it yet I'll be happy to send it to you. Just email me.


5:08 PM on Feb 7, 2006
Both CoLT 1.0 and Googlebar Lite 3.3 should work in Firefox (I'm running both of them right now in that release). Both use a maxVersion value of 1.5.0.*, and they work fine on all 1.5 profiles I have. Perhaps you are using an older version?

Jerry Odom

4:57 PM on Feb 8, 2006
Not sure Jonah. I ran through your tutorial to build the toolbar to learn how to do it and it didn't work. The big difference being that I needed a chrome.manifest file.

Jerry Odom

5:13 PM on Feb 8, 2006
I just installed the Googlebar Lite 3.3 and it worked fine. I didn't have all the facts when I commented earlier. Thanks!

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