DreamHost Goes Nuts!

Jan 11, 2006

My web host, DreamHost, has apparently gone nuts. They recently quadrupled my disk space, and octupled my bandwidth ... all free of charge! I now have over 21 GB of disk space available (growing monthly) and over 1061 GB (yes ... gigabytes) of bandwidth. Is that totally insane, or what? And this is all in addition to an unlimited number of MySQL databases, 600 email accounts, unlimited domains hosted, and more! All for as little as $7.95 a month.

My one year anniversary with DreamHost passed last month (December 24) and to celebrate, I'm offering a new discount code for folks who'd like to sign up with any DreamHost hosting plan. When you sign up with DreamHost, simply use the discount code borngeektwo to save money. This discount code will save you $65.00 on any plan you choose, excepting the monthly L1, monthly L2, and monthly L3 plans (on which you will save $35, $45, and $55 respectively). I can only say good things about DreamHost (as I mentioned once before). As such, it's my pleasure to share this discount with you. Just make sure you use the discount code borngeektwo when you sign up!

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