Internet Explorer Sucks

Dec 7, 2005

I'm taking part in a Qt class this week at work, and the only web browser installed on each computer in the classroom is Internet Explorer. And the more I use IE, the more I realize why I switched to the best little browser in the world. While browsing through my web statistics before class, I clicked on a strange referral link (some sort of poker site), and was immediately drowned in a sea of pop-ups. I had forgotten that IE doesn't support pop-up blocking natively (although it may very well do so in Windows XP - we're running 2000 here in class). I had quite a difficult time getting out of the site without a million more pop-ups appearing. And the site didn't even have a link back to my website (so how did that referral string appear in my stats?).

And oh how I miss tabbed browsing! I must have tried to open a new tab at least a hundred times or more. Why anyone still uses the hunk of junk browser out of Redmond is a mystery to me. If you haven't switched to Firefox yet, please do so today. Won't you think of the children?



7:41 PM on Dec 7, 2005
sometimes IE did act as you said but things would change if you have your browser/OS most recently updated, sine you have a win2k. I am not saying FF is not good. but some website I have viewd can not be displayed properly with FF,like images not showing, html format mess up,etc. all websites with problems with FF will work fine with IE. what you spoke of, like pop-ups, is not problem any more. the only thing IE needs, is tab-browser,if you do need it.


7:44 PM on Dec 7, 2005
also, as a sufer instead of web developer, we do care if we can have the webpage display properly no matter what kind of brower we are using. how to make the website work properly with all browsers is the task of web developer, not us.

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