Quest for the CMS

Nov 21, 2005

I gave Movable Type a brief try this weekend, and it doesn't look like it's what I need for Born Geek. MT is too "post driven" and doesn't seem to handle static pages very well. I think the main problem is that Born Geek isn't a blog, and MT was made especially for the blogging paradigm. As such, I am continuing my quest for a decent CMS.

After doing some brief research, I have found two solutions that might work well: Drupal and Typo3. Both are open source CMS's (which is appealing), and both have relatively nice looking interfaces. The Drupal website is a little cleaner than Typo3, and I found Drupal first, so I think I'll give it the initial try. I am somewhat tempted to just use WordPress (the system that powers this blog), although I dislike the fact that it builds pages on the fly (something I'd like to avoid with Born Geek's static content).

Do you know of an inexpensive, reliable, CMS system that would work well with a static, page-based website (i.e. Born Geek)? If so, your comments would be greatly appreciated!



9:42 AM on Nov 21, 2005
use drupal it's very great caches static pages and has a lot of other features. you can also let your blog run on the same system. if you have time to wait a few weeks (maybe three) then you can enjoy the upcoming 4.7 release which has a lot of improvements. an if you are a geek :) then you would like drupals flexibility


3:48 PM on Nov 21, 2005
Just like tobi already said: use drupal. It's has very nice modulair structure and you can use it both as a blog aswell as a CMS. I like it myself very much.


6:15 PM on Nov 21, 2005
Thanks for the pointers, guys. The more I look at all of this stuff, the more frustrated I become. Being as obsessive compulsive as I am, virtually none of the packages I have played around with seem to fit perfectly. I'll give the Drupal demo a go over at the OpenSourceCMS website.

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