Brain Storm

Nov 11, 2005

I have had a number of unrelated ideas lately, all of which I'll share:

  • I'm thinking about upgrading my processor and motherboard. Some of the latest games (the Lost Coast demo for example) have really shown a bottleneck in that region. I have no idea what to upgrade to, however. Suggestions are welcome.
  • I hope to get a new build of Googlebar Lite out soon.
  • I also hope to put together a downloadable version of my toolbar tutorial. After that is done, I'll begin work on the next incarnation of said tutorial (which should be a big improvement).
  • This weekend, I'm going to begin playing with Movable Type. My ultimate goal is to move the main Born Geek website away from hand-coding, which would be very convenient for me. I may provide some links to my testing, so that you can see what's going on.
  • The Lost Coast demo for Half-Life 2 has inspired me to play through the game again. I'm approximately 2/3 of the way through, and am enjoying every minute of it.

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