Star Light, Star Bright

Oct 30, 2005

One of the greatest things about our new house is the lack of light pollution at night. I've seen more stars here at this house than anywhere else I've ever been. Our last house was located in the land of cul-de-sacs, and all of the lighting made it nearly impossible to see dim objects. We were, however, able to see a number of fairly bright objects including the International Space Station, the MIR space station (before it crashed into the Earth), and the Hubble Space Telescope. All of this was thanks to Heavens-Above, an awesome website that helps you figure out when and where to look for satellites (and other celestial events).

I stepped outside tonight for a few moments and saw a total of three meteors crashing into Earth's atmosphere. That's something I never would have seen at our other house. Sometimes, it's good to be in the dark.

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