Packing Stuff Up

Sep 21, 2005

My family and I move one week from today, so we're beginning to kick our packing efforts into high gear. Until one packs up all of his belongings, one doesn't realize how much junk has accumulated through the years. I've packed up a total of five fairly large boxes so far, and their contents consist of only my books and computer game boxes. A tiny ripple in a very large pond.

Fortunately, I'm moving up in room size. I outgrew my current room a number of years ago, so it's well past time to have something larger. My new room provides substantially more real estate (having two closets will help tremendously), so I won't be nearly as cramped as I am currently. As soon as I have a sizable down payment stored away in the bank, I'll get a place of my own (and then I'll really be moving up)!

Unfortunately, all of this activity is hurting my Googlebar Lite 3.0 efforts. We are unlikely to have internet connectivity for a few days at the new house, so that won't help matters (although I can still work behind the scenes). So, don't be surprised if version 3.0 shows up later than expected.

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