Not Quite Ready

Sep 11, 2005

A day or two ago, I replaced my primary Firefox install with the 1.5 Beta release. This afternoon, I went back to 1.0.6. As excited as I am about the upcoming 1.5 release, this beta simply has too many problems to switch to it full time. Too many errors crop up in the JavaScript console, too many extensions and themes do not yet work with it, and its overall stability is questionable (the beta crashed on me minutes after installing it for the first time). I think I might go back to running the nightly branch builds on my "nightly" profile. Had I been thinking clearly at the time, I would have used this profile with the beta install. Unfortunately, I contaminated my normal profile instead. So now I'm having to build a new one. sigh

Such is the price of progress.


Brian Berger

1:12 AM on Sep 18, 2005
I trashed my profile fairly badly, but while rebuilding I found your very informative blog. Not so bad a trade off, except all my bookmarks are now gone forever...


1:28 AM on Sep 18, 2005
Don't you hate when that happens? I know of a trick to place your bookmarks in a relatively safe place - I'll make a post about how to do it in the near future.

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