Toolbar Tutorial

Aug 5, 2005

According to site statistics, my tutorial on creating Firefox toolbar extensions has become rather popular again (it originally surged in popularity after Asa Dotzler commented on it in his blog). It has shown up on a number of web sites recently, for reasons I do not fully understand. Regardless, I'm always appreciative of such linkage (so keep it up!). The more people that can benefit from the article, the better.

It has been quite some time, however, since I have actually updated the tutorial. I hope to remedy that in the next week or two. Since writing the article, I have improved my knowledge of Firefox toolbars a great deal (as evidenced by my Googlebar Lite extension). I think it might be interesting to add some information on how to move a toolbar item around, how to get notification that the customize toolbars process has ended, and other useful tidbits. I also intend to eventually zip up the article itself, so that people can view it offline. Good times.

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