Disappearing CRTs

Jul 8, 2005

CRT monitors are quickly becoming endangered. The NEC/Mitsubishi FE2111SB, a 22" behemoth that I've had on my wish list for some time, is now incredibly hard to find. Most places that list it are strangely "out of stock." And those stores which actually have some have increased their price by nearly $100! The end is apparently near for the tried and true CRT. Fare thee well, old friend.

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4:44 PM on Oct 5, 2005
Yeah, having the same issues. Returned a defective Lacie 22 and the company told me that they don't have a replacement for it... :( Can't find a good 20-22" CRT now, bugs the hell out of me. LCDs aren't yet close enough in performance to warrant this, in my opinion. Guess the manufacturers are catering to the mass market demand at the expense of those of us that still want the advantages of a good CRT.

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