I Love Shopping Online

Jun 25, 2005

I went over to the local Best Buy today, looking for a small, optical mouse to use with my notebook computer at work. As is often the case with things I am particularly interested in buying, they were sold out. They had a few wireless optical mice, but those were more than I wanted to pay (and they need a battery).

Why is it that stores never have what you are looking for? Or, if they have it, it's way more than you want to pay? This is the exact reason I love shopping online. I can get what I want, for a resonable price, and have it shipped directly to my door. No travelling, waiting in line, or any of the other annoyances associated with shopping in a brick-and-mortar store.

I'm planning on buying a Creative Zen Micro MP3 Player, something I have wanted for some time now. ZipZoomFly, a retailer I have used before for computer hardware, has an awesome price on it, plus free 2-day shipping. Score!

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