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Profile Tutorial Updates

Published on May 16, 2011

I have made a few long-overdue updates to the Firefox profile tutorial. Some of the wording has been improved, a few points have been clarified, screenshots have been updated, and a new caution has been inserted. If you spot a problem, let me know.

Navigation Improvements

Published on January 19, 2010

I have made a few navigation improvements to the Toolbar Tutorial. Each chapter now has a link back to the Table of Contents, which should be useful if you land on an interior page via a search engine. The new link appears at the bottom of each chapter in the chapter navigation block.

Would having a copy of this navigation block at the top of each chapter’s page be useful? It’s a bit of a bother to have to scroll to the bottom of each chapter to find a link to the next one. If you think that would be a useful addition, let me know in the comments below.

Broken Links Fixed

Published on August 19, 2009

I have fixed a number of broken links in Chapter 3 of the Firefox Toolbar Tutorial. Many thanks to Jens for pointing them out. If you happen to spot any more broken links anywhere around the site, please let me know.

New Article on Automatic Updates

Published on May 18, 2009

After what seems like a million years, I have written a new tutorial on Automatic Firefox Extension Updates. The article covers what’s needed to get automatic updates working for self-hosted extensions (i.e. extensions served on a non-secure web server). Topics include update manifests, using the McCoy signing tool, and Apache configuration steps to make sure your files are served appropriately.

If you spot an error in the article, or have general suggestions for improvement, please leave your comments here. Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome!

Minor Toolbar Tutorial Fixes

Published on May 14, 2009

I have made a few minor changes in the Toolbar Tutorial:

  • All maxVersion references have been bumped to 3.5.*
  • The link to search the Firefox source code has been updated (from 1.8.0 to 1.9.1).

I will update the sample toolbar XPI later tonight to add support for the new Firefox 3.5 builds.

Toolbar Tutorial Fixes for Firefox 3

Published on April 19, 2008

I have made several changes to the Toolbar Tutorial to support the upcoming Firefox 3.0. Here’s a rundown of what has changed:

  • The downloadable files in chapter 1 have been updated to support Firefox 3.0.
  • All maxVersion references in chapter 2 have been bumped to 3.0.*.
  • All preventBubble references have been changed to stopPropagation, since the preventBubble call has been deprecated.
  • I have unified formatting across the various chapters, to be more consistent.

As always, please let me know if you spot an error.

Additional Toolbar Tutorial Updates

Published on April 7, 2008

It seems that the Googlebar Lite build script that I updated in Chapter 7 of the Firefox Toolbar Tutorial had a number of bugs. They have all been squashed, and the script has been updated yet again. At some point, I will rewrite the script from scratch and make it much more portable. In addition to the updated build script example, I have corrected a few typos regarding the automated packaging process (also in chapter 7).

Minor Toolbar Tutorial Updates

Published on April 5, 2008

I have made a few updates to Chapter 7 in the Firefox Toolbar Tutorial at this site. Several typos have been corrected, and I have posted a brand new version of my Googlebar Lite build script, which I recently rewrote. The new script now uses the standard Unix zip tool (instead of WinZip), it automatically updates the chrome manifest for me, and it has generally been simplified.

Minor Tweaks to Profile Tutorial

Published on March 13, 2008

Yesterday, I made a few updates to the Firefox Profile Tutorial here at this website. It turns out that the -P command line option is case-sensitive (as it should be). Firefox 2 apparently doesn’t care about case, but the new Firefox 3 builds do.

All of the official documentation I read also mentions the -ProfileManager command line option. I’m not certain if Firefox 3 wants the camel-case, but I’ve updated the tutorial to reflect this information. Let me know if you see any other errors in the tutorial.

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