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Target Weight Acheived!

Published on July 16, 2012

Back in June of 2010, I began tracking my weight using the Libra app for Android. For those who don’t recall, this app uses some of the tracking ideas presented in The Hacker’s Diet, a fantastic (and free!) weight loss book.

Over the weekend, I finally got the trend line to dip below my target weight for the first time! Here’s a snapshot of the latest chart:

New Weight Chart

This new goal line is slightly modified from my original goal, which can be seen in the old chart:

Old Weight Chart

As you can see, I used to be up in the “overweight” section for someone my height; now I’m down into the “normal” range! I cannot recommend this app highly enough. Simply tracking my weight has been a useful tool in helping me to get a little healthier. Hopefully it can help others out there as well!

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