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Improvements in PhotoMerge

Published on October 12, 2010

I recently updated to Photoshop CS5 on my home computer, and I wanted to briefly share how particularly impressed I am with the new capabilities of their PhotoMerge process. The old PhotoMerge was a hassle to work with, and tended to screw up panoramas in weird ways. Getting the perspective right was usually a guess and check affair. Happily, the new system blows the old one out of the water.

Here’s are two examples to compare the systems:

The results with the new system are much better, and more in line with tools like Microsoft Research’s Image Composite Editor. I will be going through my panorama collection over the coming days and updating them as necessary, cleaning them up where needed. I’m looking forward to producing better panoramas in the future with this help of this great tool.

Mayo River State Park

Published on October 11, 2010

Earlier this month, I traveled to Rockingham County in north-western North Carolina to visit the newest member of the NC state park system: Mayo River State Park. Naturally, I took my camera along and got some photos. Though there are only two hiking trails, both are worth the visit. It’s a nice new addition to an already stellar park system.

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