Whither iPad?

Jan 31, 2010

What do you think about Apple's iPad? Will it fly, or will it flop? Here are a few brief thoughts I had on the newest product from Cupertino:

  • The name is absolutely terrible
  • No physical keyboard is a huge minus on something this size
  • Only one connector (Apple proprietary) is a huge mistake
  • Data plans through AT&T are a big negative
  • What does this give me that I can't do already on my laptop or netbook?
  • No multitasking seems like a poor decision
  • What a terrible name!

Perhaps Apple will prove me wrong, but I can't see this device catching on the world over. The "cool" factor just isn't there; the keynote demos consisted of boring stuff like editing spreadsheets and documents, something the "kids" of today aren't interested in. So what do you think?

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Josh Kerr
10:58 PM on Feb 13, 2010
I wrote my own initial take on the iPad. Long story short I think it will sell but not to the extent Apple is thinking it will. It's basically a big iPod Touch....
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