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Published on September 14, 2007

Earlier today I mentioned the xkcd web comic. If you aren’t familiar with the comic, I highly recommend it. It’s well worth subscribing to or bookmarking. I’ve gone through all of the comics, and have compiled a list of my favorites. Make sure you read the hidden jokes in each strip, by hovering over them with your mouse for the title attribute. Enjoy:



I love xkcd too, there are so many great comics there. I printed out the “Compiling” comic and it now adorns by cubicle wall. Another personal favorite is The Difference. I’m surprised the map of online communities was left off your list. I also like the obsessive velociraptorphobia, it reminds me a lot of Stephen Colbert’s feelings towards bears.

I also e-mailed my mother-in-law, who teaches math, the Certainty comic. She liked it.

One other great thing about the comic is that they are transcribed (for blind users). How cool is that? Searching for comics is the only way I can see the transcriptions, but there must be link somewhere around the site.

Here’s an example.


Actually the transcriptions are probably done by readers. Oh No Robot, the comic transcription page, is a project by Ryan North, who writes Dinosaur Comics (and is also the guy behind the hilarious Every Topic In The Universe Except Chickens).

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