When News Breaks

Jul 18, 2006

Checking out of the local Food Lion tonight, my eye happened to catch the second page of an opened copy of that most trusted news source, the Weekly World News. The story that happened to grace that page was one of hope, innovation, and pure genius. It seems that an enterprising woman has discovered an affordable alternative to plastic surgery. You see, having a limited income prohibited this woman from being able to realize her dream of true beauty. So she whipped up an easy, simple, and (apparently) affordable solution: using small amounts of C-4 to reshape her face. Yes, that C-4. I have to admit that the results were quite surprising. A homely woman had become a beauty queen in no time at all. She too seemed pleased:

I couldn't be happier with the results, and my hearing should return in the next day or two.

Edit: For those not already in the know, the Weekly World News is a tabloid newspaper, but they do have a website. Unfortunately, this particular story has not yet been published there (and I'm not certain that it ever will). Maybe I'll buy a copy of the paper and put up some scans...

4:12 AM on Jul 19, 2006
Err... could you please write exact URL? Since i'm not familiar with WWN system.
Josh Kerr
6:23 AM on Jul 19, 2006
What, no link?
8:35 AM on Jul 19, 2006
Unfortunately, their website doesn't (yet) have this story. Hopefully they'll put it up. I might swing by the store on the way home today to grab a copy of the paper, and put up some scans.
12:30 PM on Jul 19, 2006
But if you buy the paper, you've done just what they wanted, and the terrorists have won™!
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