Project Status

Mar 18, 2006

I have several projects cooking at the moment, and the following is a brief rundown on where I'm at with each:

Googlebar Lite 4.0 The new search history system is working like a charm and is now feature complete. I am currently wrestling with whether or not I should include a fix for the highlighting system (disabling highlighting within input fields). Unfortunately, implementing this fix has been a challenge and I have yet to find an appealing solution. Some general code cleanup still needs to take place (a number of old search history code will be removed), and the "Paste and Search" feature needs to get turned back on. If I decide not to work on the highlighting fix, this might be available in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, it'll be somewhat longer.

Toolbar Tutorial Updates I have two more chapters to complete in the Firefox 1.5 toolbar tutorial. It was my hope to get that done this weekend, but it's looking more and more like that might not happen. Once the tutorial is done, I'll begin considering how to phase out the older 1.0.x version.

Born Geek Redesign My lack of artistic ability has been a real road block on this, but I've finally come up with a design that's fresh, clean, and simple. I'm bound to tweak it further, but I think I'm ready to port the design over to my localhost website replica. Once I see the design imposed on every page, I can get a better feel for how things need to be tweaked (and whether the design as a whole works or not). I'm estimating another three or four weeks on this one.

Miscellaneous Stuff Currently on the back burner are two more Firefox tutorials: advanced toolbars and a guide on profiles. Both are merely sparks of imagination at this point, but perhaps I can get something started in the next month or so. One day I'd also like to get around to updating my wallpaper application (Paper Plus). There are several needed features that I've been too lazy to implement.

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